Gives you the chance to
leave comments, create notes,
send messages, search news
On any Website.
To install Service:
Just drag the Icon
To the Browser Toolbar
And Click on it!
In beta version Service work for 3 browsers.
We are working to support Firefox also.
Productivity Hubs
Note-hub, will help you when you go
from page to page to collect information.
To remember a Web-Page, use Pin-hub.
To leave a comment use Comment-hub.
Communicate Hubs
Talk-hub allows you to chat with people on the same Web-Page.
You can choose to send a Message to anyone.
Or look at anyone's Profile and make Friends.
Social Hubs
Connect to your friends and colleagues using the Person-hub.
Wall-hub helps you share new information.
Common Hubs
Search-hub to find people by interests.
Profile-hub tells people about you.
We look forward to your Feedback.